Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow? Waiting too long for websites and applications to load? Why can’t your computer just run the way it did when you first got it?! If this sounds like you then your computer may be infected with malware or viruses. Annoying pop-ups warning you that your information is stolen, suspicious activity on your computer or programs you don’t recognize are also common symptoms of infection. There are lots of ways your computer can be compromised these days and you need someone you can trust.



We’ve all heard of computer viruses but what makes them a top priority problem? Our lives are moving more and more towards an online digital society. Sharing memories and connecting through social media or email is fun but we also use our computers for business or shopping. Online banking and shopping can lead to a stolen credit card, compromised bank account, or even identity theft when using a compromised system. An infected computer doesn’t just pose a threat to your own personal information but also the data of those you connect with. A computer virus may use your account to attempt to spread itself through false messages to friends and family. You may have even been infected opening an attachment that was actually a virus!



Not only can malicious software be a headache for everyday web browsing it also compromises the security of your files. We all know we should be making a backup of important data but many of us wait until it’s too late. Saved images, documents, or video can be sabotaged, corrupted, or even encrypted by malware. Viruses and malware can prevent you from restoring those precious memories and hours of hard work. Here at The Repair Factory, we have the supplies and skills you need to know for sure your data is safe. With a safe, reliable, backup you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

Luckily there’s an easy and local solution to get this problem solved and even prevent future infections! At The Repair Factory at 507 Vernon St, Nelson your desktop or laptop computer can be restored back to the way it used to run. Not only will your computer run faster without infections but you will have peace of mind in knowing your personal data is safe. The Repair Factory is a proud Sophos Anti-virus partner and with our optional Repair Care service you can bring in your computer for an annual checkup. We’ll even remind you!

Our skilled technicians are friendly and patient. If you need assistance on anything tech related we’re happy to book a 1-on-1 appointment and get your problems solved. We even do house calls! The Repair Factory has experience troubleshooting both Windows/PC and Mac/Apple laptop and desktop computers. We can also provide assistance on your Apple or Android phone. No matter the task Repair Factory technicians are here to help.