PC gaming has always pushed the limits of what our machines are capable of. With fast access to the latest technologies like VR, easy upgrades, and versatility it simply cannot be beaten for enthusiasts. Although going custom might sound like a daunting undertaking it’s no problem for our experts. Whether you are an experienced PC gaming veteran or just looking to start dipping your toes in, The Repair Factory is here to help. We offer a selection of quality services to meet your unique needs. You’ll know that your custom gaming PC built right here in the Kootenays is, part for part,  your perfect match.

Our Gaming Computer Process

Everyone has different needs when it comes to budget, performance, size and noise output of their gaming PC. Because of this, our technicians are ready to help you pick the right parts for you. From the price to performance budget gamer itching to play the latest eSports titles to the 4K gaming monster we have a build for you! Our technicians are always on top of the latest in component technologies and are looking to save you money in the long term!


Why go local?

Starting your journey into the PC gaming space through The Repair Factory is a truly smart decision. There are many quality online retailers but going local offers a lot of benefits for anyone living in the Kootenays. With our convenient location at 507 Vernon Street, Nelson, you can be sure that expert service is ready for you. The Repair Factory is often able to diagnose problems and order replacement parts on the same day! We also do house calls so you don’t have to lug your machine down. 

Through our optional Repair Care package, your PC will be secured through the amazing Sophos Antivirus and hardware problems can be sorted at the first sign of trouble using the latest in reliability monitoring. You can even request support, repairs, or help right from your desktop!

Access to expert knowledge

If you think that knowledge is power The Repair Factory is the most powerful PC building business in the Kootenays. Our skilled technicians have built and serviced hundreds of Windows machines. We fully documented and test them with a suite of tools before pickup resolving issues with component manufacturers to make sure you are getting the full power of every component. Friendly Repair Factory technicians are always happy to take your call and can help you understand even the complex of problems.