Somethings are Best in Person

 An in personvisit makes all the difference in our experience for our corporate accounts. We learn alot more when we get to know eachother.

All our business plans in fact revolve around regular visits. Either once a week or once a month, we can’t deliver a product we can be proud of unless we put in the face time to understand you.

When we set aside a regular visit we ensure regular feedback and planning for your operation. We can solve little problems that have large impacts by getting to know how you use your systems, software and what struggles you tackle daily.

We also do routine things like review security deployment, swapping backup drives, and restoring backups on a regular schedule to validate they can be relied upon.

When you sign up with Repair Factory you’re making a commitment to being involved, and so are we. See you next week ?

For Everything else Remote

An expert Mac or Windows tech is avaliable to help you solve all types of computer problems remotely. It only takes a minute to activate on any computer with a working connection to the Internet. Our number is toll free and our technicans friendly, don’t suffer with that Windows malware or that slow macintosh. For when you need help right now, remote support is how.