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Unlike Apple, we don’t believe that five year old computers qualify as “vintage”. You wouldn’t throw away a car after 5 years, so why would you throw away your computer, phone or tablet when it’s only a few years old?.

Almost every device after 2010 can play and edit full motion video, the things that cause our computer to feel worn and tattered are usually common parts failures; hard drives, batteries and screens.

We can teach your old computer new tricks!

  • Replacing a cracked screen makes your computer look like new
  • Upgrading to a solid state drive makes it feel like new
  • And replacing the battery makes it last like new.

If you your machine is too far gone to be refurbished we offer great buyback prices so the parts that are usable can be put to good use. Don’t let your device pollute a garbage pile, check with us today so we can give you the best price. Send us or bring in your computers from 2011-2015 and let us fix them.



Older computers can be given new life with:

  • new screen, replaced glass, new video cables
  • Replaced Hard drives with SSD (faster than when it was new, will last longer then original designed )
  • New battery, lasts longer than ever before, iPhones and iPads run faster again cause of the restored power profile
  • Micro repair of damaged logic boards, cleaning contamination from water damaged boards.
  • Replaced damaged sata cables
  • Removal of DVD drives and replace with secondary hard drives for speed and massive storage ( MacBook pro 2011 – 2013 )

Do you like your favorite computer as-is, but it’s just a little slow, glitchy, or cracked? We can source used, or new but outdated parts to breathe new life into your old friend.

Stop the three-year-old straight-to-landfill computer dump, and give your computer a technical blood transfusion today!



You can bring in, or ship, your computer to us from anywhere in Canada with three-day shipping at no cost to you. We will diagnose the issue, and come back with a quote. We aim to have your computer back to you in as little as a week depending on parts. Remember, we will pick up the cost of the shipping, so it’s as convenient as if we were just around the corner.

Fix cost not worth it?

We can either ship the computer back to you, but you pick up the shipping tab


We can recycle your computer for you at no cost to you


We can put your information on a hard drive and send THAT back to you ( as long as the hard drive can be read) for only 100$ INCLUDING shipping