Shared Situation Awareness

It’s your business, it’s your system, it’s your head on the chopping block and your competitors are keeping their blades sharp. Getting locked into a vendor isn’t fun, having the keys to the castle hidden behind a curtain is rarely helpful.

The Repair Factory is disrupting the current assumptions by providing shared monitoring and remote management. We believe that as a key stakeholder in your business you need to capabilities to see your operation in action.  Empowered user, educated users make better choices for their network. 


Less is More

Information overload is real and finding the right balance between awareness and overload is the secret ingredient. We’re not trying to know every time your laptop goes offline, we are trying to know who’s machine just started showing signs of malware infection, or that a hard drive buried in your array on the machine in the back room has started showing read errors. 

Our goal with each account is to identify your core system, the minimally viable system you need to function and work to protect that system from disaster, then outages, and finally the finer details. Keeping our scope focused allows us to protect whats really important first without getting lost in the clutter.

Appropriate Critical Response

Not all emergency are created equal, that’s the art of triage. We focus our monitoring on some key areas for critical response

  • Backup failures
  • Security Infections
  • Hardware Health

Shared Vision

We know that we don’t want to be the middle of every printer without paper, we’re here to empower your office to take better care of itself. Our monitoring solution gives us the fancy dashboards, and system alerts back to dispatch, but we also share and train key points of contact at your office with the web and mobile app so that you can see and react to your own system. 

Our team will use its years of field experience to identify your core system, deploy monitoring, setup alert threshold and work with your onsite team to help them improve their situation awareness of your system’s operations. We are here to help you build up your processes and procedures so that you can be the best at what you do.

Shared Visions helps us empower you to go farther.

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