With all the programs and updates and fiddly bits and bobbily boops changing with each new gadget, there is no way to keep up with it all. Whether it’s installing a programmable thermostat, updating your computer operating system, or showing you how to set up your outlook, we all need a little help sometimes from an expert. At the Repair Factory, we have an expert for every problem big or small. Mac or PC. Home or Office

Leave tech rage and frustration behind! We can help you learn to use all your computer systems, create secure backups for your work, connect to the cloud, or just about anything else you might need. Book an appointment today.

Don’t live nearby? We can help you remotely! Just fill in the form below, and we will contact you for a convenient time to connect online and walk you through any challenges or training you are looking for.


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Remote doesn’t work for you? Let us visit you onsite! We can make it out to you if you are within the Nelson area.

An expert Mac or Windows tech is available to help you solve all types of computer problems remotely. It only takes a minute to activate on any computer with a working connection to the Internet. Our number is toll-free and our technicians are friendly.  Don’t suffer with a vicious Windows malware or a slow Macintosh. For when you need help right now, remote support is how.