Security to Protect People

We believe that Sophos provides the best protection for all levels of your network. What does that mean? Sophos provides security for your users and all their devices, from their workstation to their mobile phone and back the servers they connect to.

Security for Protect

Sophos provides hardware and virtual appliances to inspect, detect and sanitize your network traffic and provide a protective border on your networks edge. It works with it’s end point protection clients on computers and mobile phones to provide further synchronized protection. Imagine a network that detects virus activity and alerts and isolates workstations or mobile device immediately.


Sophos provides keeps your data safe from destruction and from prying eyes. On drive encryption protects your workstations and file servers from illegal data uploads. This same technology is also used to detect ransomware activity and can freeze changes within seconds and roll back and recovery files change so you never lose your important files.

At The Repair Factory we have people coming in daily experiencing the real world hurt and pain of lost projects, ransom, and stolen time. We’ve chosen and trained on the vendor we’ve determined provides the best protection for small business.

Sophos is part one of our four part strategy for business.