The Repair Factory is a growing IT support company located in Nelson, BC. Our beautiful city on the Kootenay Lake is also home to the best powder and backcountry in Canada with Whitewater Ski Resort just 10 minutes from town. Choosing The Repair Factory is choosing a lifestyle change.

Our team is built from people who lived in the urban jungle and have left it all behind for a better life. We are tasked to handle problems big and small and we are looking for great people to push us further.


Microsoft Support Technician

The focus of this position is to process the Windows Queue, it includes people off the street dropping off laptops for repair to corporate clients requiring new server deployment. The team around you all have experience in these areas to draw from for questions and bounce ideas around. The workload has grown to a point where a dedicated person is required to keep it moving effectively, that’s your role.

  • Hardware Diagnoses
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • Remote Desktop Client 1-1
  • Server Deployment and Maintenance
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Electronics and Mobile Technician

People from all walks of life have mobile devices, and people from all walks of life break them.

  • Hardware Diagnoses
  • Screen Replacement
  • Board Level Part Replacement, FPC FCP board level connector replacement
  • Device Refurbishment
  • Device fault documentation
  • Client 1-1
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Logistics Department

Online/Offline Retail Developer

Retail isn’t where we started but we’re starting it now. Sometimes the best fix is a replacement. We’ve been building out a modest retail space with more of the things we use everyday, from small parts to Solid State drives. Our inventory is online and we need someone hop in the seat and drive this tractor.

  • Develop Vendor Relationships
  • Organize and Improve Retail Space
  • Manage and Develop Online Parts Store
  • Order Completion
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Our front receptionist is all about keeping the techs focused on the work in front of them. It’s all about minimizing distractions and maximizing the quality the company’s communications.

  • Checkin Customer and their devices
  • Answer Phones and update tickets
  • Receiving parts and matching them to waiting devices
  • Light bookkeeping and filing
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